Our services are paid. Please contact us and learn prices.

To see our clients and make a decision you can request a temporary   request access. It's free.

If you find interesting profiles for you, you can choose the forms of work with the agency that are convenient for you:

1. If you want to communicate directly

You can get direct contacts from our women if they also agree. This is convenient if you know Russian, or a woman speaks your language.


  • get temporary access to our catalog and see if it contains women of interest to you? request access
    • if "yes" please fill out the  customer form
      • send us your suggestions for women you are interested in. We will contact them and tell you their answers;
        • If the result is non-zero)), pay for membership in the agency. You can pay only for each contact who agreed to meet you, or apply for unlimited membership.

You will also be able to receive offers from our women.

2. You want to visit Belarus and meet your favorites? We have a simple classical solution that works. Also 4 simple steps:

  • get temporary request access
    • inform us the numbers of profiles of women you like.
      • fill out the  customer form so that we can introduce you.
        • indicate your expected arrival date and duration of your visit.

We will contact each woman and let you know who is interested and can meet with you.


please plan your visit in advance. Doing this when you are already in Belarus is a bad idea, because:

our clients are not employees of the agency. All of them are real people with their lifestyle. They may not always meet with you during your spontaneous and short visit.

It is always necessary to have a specific time to introduce you to women, to know their opinion of you and to organize your meeting.

* If you need a translator, also let us know in advance.