Education university, teacher.

Religion orthodox.

Love is like a virus as it happens to anybody of us at any time when we don't expect it. I am not somebody who is looking for  Brad Pitt as we all eventually live with a character due to the fact that we all get old with time. We live with a soul. I am not running after Rockefeller either as I assume that money and limitless power cannot make people happy. Yes, for a while it may bring you some satisfaction but not happiness. I do have some ideas on who I am looking for: a man with who I will have 4 elements which make a relationship strong. That is emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical connection.

Smoke - no, drink - no.

Hobbies: cinema, nature, hand work, reading, music, animals, photo, travel.
Properties of my character: activity, calm, loyalty, hard work, spirituality, romance, sensitivity, prudence, care, honesty, reliability.

Data sheet

Year of birth:1982
Height, cm:175
Weight, kg:80
Marital status:divorced
Eye Color:brown
Hair color:brown
Country of Residence:Belarus